WATCH-CAR : Return of watch mask

Animation | Republic of Korea | 74min | June, 2017 | G

Youngjoon Lee
Sanghyun Eum(Jino/Bluewill), Taeyeul Jeon(Roy/Avan), Haewon Jung(Ari/Sona), Youngwoong Jung(Maru/Poti), Yongwoo Sean(Kai), Minkyu Lee(Breaking), Dohyung Nam(Schmitd), Sunah Yoo(Luna)
SAMG Animation
SAMG Animation
Jino, the champion of “Hero’s Cup of Watch-Car Battle League”, receives a dubious invitation to “Ultimate Watch-Car Battle League (UWB)”, which is notorious for extreme level of fight. Jino visits and gets impressed by the play of Ken. On the way home, Jino is attacked by an unknown group who steals his Watch-Car Bluewill. Jino barely takes back Bluewill but comes to know the identity of the evil gang and their conspiracy to take over UWB. He decides to participate the UWB undercover, by name of “Watch Mask” with his Bluewill with a new name “Blue Thunder”
Can Watch Mask save UWB from the dark hand?