Global Player


A worldwide vision!

High skills and creativity combine with cutting edge technology to form SAMG.

With ongoing R&D, SAMG Animation has proven its status through its high quality 3D productions and unique visual style.
These works have made SAMG a major recognized player in the global market.
SAMG Animation stays connected with its licensing and production operations through an integrated network. SAMG continues to create 3D animations while actively working with global business partners for worldwide distribution.



From coming up with the very first concept and following through to the ending credits, our powerful preproduction and main production staff complete at least 2 projects every year.

3D Animation
Production Service

We offer high quality 3D animation services for videogames, movies, TV series, advertisements, and more worldwide.

Character Licensing
& Marketing

We provide character licensing and merchandising in domestic and global markets, which include TV, home video, toys, games, etc.


We actively network with partners overseas to distribute our animations worldwide. Our strongest influences are in Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.