What? Leo has made the brand new suits and robots for Mini Force? Mini Force returns with Super Dino Power! With new Dino Vehicles and Super Giant Dino Robots, Mini Force will defeat the evil Captain Power-man and save the World!

CATCH! TEENIEPING : Fairies of Emotion

A sweet girl ROMI is the princess of Emotion Kingdom. One day she was strangely led by mysterious forces, which made her infiltrate into the secret Cube Chamber where the magic cube was. The magic cube was actually made to cage in ‘Teeniepings’, the fairies of all different human emotions and behaviors. When she accidentally activated gigantic magic cube, with a huge explosion of lights, almost all Teeniepings were freed and escaped to the Earth. ROMI needs to chase them to the earth and catch them all!


Let’s be a super star in the world of ‘Lulu Pop’ and explore the new fantasy world! With unlimited expandability, Lulu Pop will cultivate your imaginations through various concepts and stories as in K-pop/Pop cultures. Fans will become super stars through different promotions and events that they can literally ‘experience’ the new world of Lulu Pop in real life.


Miraculous : Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Ladybug and Cat Noir now have more powers and superhero teammates to assist them… and these will prove useful, for Hawk Moth too has an ally now, Mayura, when his plans call for help. Will Marinette and Adrien, manage to keep their private lives from in influencing their superhero adventures?


Carmon Kingdom is a medieval style fantasy world where humans and monsters live together. Monkart Race is the most popular sport in the kingdom, as the highest ranker can be selected as knight. 12 year-old Jin of Latona Village also dreams to be the winner someday.



Watch-Car is the name of high-tech AI mini battle race cars. As the undefeated and undisputed champion of the league, Kai remains a legend. Jino and his Watch-Car Bluewill have to jump over all obstacles ahead to defeat him and become the new league champion.


Zippy City is a little village where Vroomies, lovable talking vehicles shaped like animals live. Our delightful characters roll through the streets of Zippy City on high-speed adventures in which they find little matters to solve, like finding little piglets back to their mom, saving a snowplow from an avalanche, etc.


Zak Storm

While trying to catch the perfect wave, the impulsive teen surfer Zak Storm is unexpectedly transported into the Bermuda Triangle - the cosmic "junk drawer" of the universe!