Produced more than 21 TV series and 8 animated feature films since 2000.

As one of the biggest CGI animation & brand companies in Korea, SAMG produces TV series, feature films, AD and games for our own IP and outsourcing service.


More than 20M YouTube subscribers in total Distributing contents with more than 30 YouTube channels globally.

Following the rapid growth of the mobile platform, SAMG develops and produces many short clips in different languages and tries to communicate with viewers in real time.


Developed/developing more than 150 toys SKU

To give perfect matches of toys with animation IP, SAMG supervises the whole process of toy production, with in-house teams on each steps like development, design, and production management.


Business with more than 140 countries all around the world

With many creative IPs, animation production skills, and competitive toys, SAMG is marching into the worldwide total brand business covering from media distribution, L&M, toy sales, etc.
SAMG is now a very preferable global partner on major collaborations like co-production, co-investment, and service works.