“Animaltron, “Egg King” catch!”

Across the galaxy, a monster tribe called “Egg King,” which had been observed in “Animal Planet,” scattered around Earth. Lion, the Prince of Animaltron, and his friends came to Earth to catch ‘Egg King’ monsters. Animaltron and Miniforce join forces to protect Earth!

Stop there Teeniepings! I’ll catch you all!

Romi, the princess from a fantasy kingdom called ‘Emotion Kingdom’, accidentally frees mind fairies that have been sealed and secured for a long time. These mind fairies have abilities to affect people’s emotions and behaviors. Romi needs to come to Earth and “Gotta Catch’em All!” before they make chaos in human world!

“Welcome to the world of LULU POP”
“I invite you to the world of Lulu Pop.”
Digital idol fashion-doll brand “Lulu Pop” presents new
concepts of music and music video when releasing each album,
to entertain our eyes and ears. Are you ready to play
in this unlimited meta-verse with this new digital idol brand “Lulu Pop”?

Lady Bug! Transform! Time to defeat the evils!

Ladybug and Cat Noir now have more powers and superhero teammates to assist them… and these will prove useful, for Hawk Moth too has an ally now, Mayura, when his plans call for help. Will Marinette and Adrien, manage to keep their private lives from in influencing their superhero adventures?